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Erika Tripp with an octopus mask
Erika Tripp
Face Mask Fashion Show
In the early summer, the Alaska Native Virtual Gathering Place hosted a mask contest on Facebook. Over 80 masks were entered in three categories: artistic, modeling and practical use. Beads were featured, and buttons and cedar and seal and sewing machines and paint brushes and formline. The diversity and craftsmanship impressed the thousands of people who viewed the contest. The project was supported by The CIRI Foundation and Tlingit & Haida. Perseverance Theatre helped host. Here are a few of our favorites. Names are those of the mask makers, with photos provided by Erin Tripp (Tlingit.)
Sharon Shorty with a vibrant mask
Sharon Shorty
Demaris Hudson with a flower mask
Demaris Hudson
Bostin Christopher with a red and black mask
Bostin Christopher
Kenny Ramos in a red and black patterned mask
Kenny Ramos
Janet Peele with a blue and white hand mask
Janet Peele
Kenny Ramos in a wolf and octopus mask
Kenny Ramos
Jordan Norquist in a moose mask
Jordan Norquist
Sharon McIndoo in a red decorated mask
Sharon McIndoo
Tana in a fish scale mask
Lily Hope in a fringed mask
Lily Hope
Nasuk Ahyakak in a blue embroidered mask
Nasuk Ahyakak
Jessica Hood in a nail mask
Jessica Hood
Sylvia Lange in a flower embroidered mask
Sylvia Lange
Crystal Worl in a furry mask
Crystal Worl
Vicki Soboleff woven mask
Vicki Soboleff
Angela Michaud and family in patterned mask
Angela Michaud
Lisa Johnson Blackhorse tribal mask
Lisa Johnson Blackhorse